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Increase Training Effectiveness with a Flipped Classroom Training Strategy

What exactly are flipped classrooms and how can a flipped classroom training strategy increase training effectiveness within your organization? The concept of the flipped classroom originated in the education sector.
Tips on Engaging Millennial and Generation Z New Hires in the Onboarding Process
What types of challenges are employers facing when it comes to engaging Millennial and Generation Z new hires in the onboarding process? These younger generations of new hires have grown up in a digital world, and that is presenting new challenges for employers in terms of engaging new hires in the onboarding process and retaining them for the long term, says Doug Stephen, senior vice president of CGS's Learning Group.
5 Recruiting Strategies for a New Generation
As recruiters begin to grapple with the influx of Millennial talent into the workforce, many are finding that their tried-and-true tactics and strategies don't seem to be as effective as they had been for previous generations.
Onboarding-A Complete Guide for Employers
Whether you are leaving college and entering the world of employment or choosing to leave a negative job behind, starting in a new role is one of the most exciting experiences around. Despite this, over 15% of new employees choose to leave their job before the 1-year anniversary. Shockingly, a whopping 4% leave a new job after just one day in the role.