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Build Motivation With These Verbal Strategies

Want to motivate your workforce better? You can persuade people to follow your vision by building one or more of these factors into whatever kind of communication you’re planning:
Stay Calm During Workplace Conflict
We all get angry at work sometimes. But smart managers don’t let their emotions get out of control. Before exploding at an employee or co-worker, remember this advice:
Managing Employees Older than You
You’ve been moved into a leadership position! Even better, you are ahead of schedule: When you took this job, you were told most people spent two or three years rotating into different functions before being offered the chance to manage. Now, 18 months into the job, you’ve been offered the chance to lead of team of six employees working on a special assignment for the rest of the year. The assignment is interesting and fairly important. More daunting is the makeup of the team: everyone you will be managing has been at the organization longer than you. Two of the workers have been there for more than 15 years! How can you effectively manage a group of people uniformly older and more experienced than you are? Can you garner respect and actually be effective? Read on for some helpful guidelines.
5 Ways to Use Employee Resource Groups to Foster a Culture of Diversity and Respect
This morning I was looking through photos on my phone and I stopped on a photo from my son’s recent birthday party. Amazingly, I was able to get a group of teenage boys to stop and pose for me. I smiled as I took in the diversity of this group. There are two African Americans (the one with the “I-can’t-believe-you’re-making-me-do-this” smile is my son), one Latino, two caucasians, and one half Russian/half Korean in this eclectic bunch of young men.