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Business Bytes: Keep ideas flowing by exploring why they stop

Ideas are crucial to innovation and growth, but many employees choose to keep their ideas to themselves.
Business Bytes: Why an outside investigator may be your best bet
Most managers prefer to handle problems themselves, but investigations into workplace crime or violence usually call for expert assistance.
Post-Accident Drug-Testing 2016 Update
This summer, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued new regulations designed to curb employees’ fear of retaliation for reporting that, in turn, might discourage self-reporting of workplace accidents and injuries. As part of this, effective December 1, 2016, there are changes to how and when employers can test workers for drug use following an incident.
5 Ways Employees Can Help Their Companies with Diversity
Are you frustrated with the lack of diversity in your organization? Would you like to learn more about the people you work with? Would you like to share some of your culture, celebrations and uniqueness with your co-workers? If so, here are five ideas to help you inspire diversity in your workplace.