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An Introduction to Cafeteria Plans: Permitted Tax-Exempt and Taxable Benefits

By definition, cafeteria plans allow employees to choose between cash and a variety of employer-provided benefits without having to include the value of their chosen benefits as taxable income. Cafeteria plans are popular because they allow employees to design individualized benefits programs that suit their own special needs.
Instead of Hiring – Upskill Current Employees
“Upskilling”—investing in the skills of front-line workers—has upfront costs, but it can save employers time and money in the long run, says Jaime Fall, director of UpSkill America at the nonprofit Aspen Institute.
Getting the PIP Process Right: Tips for Employers, Part 2 of 2
The performance improvement plan (PIP) document and process will be either your best friend or your worst enemy in defending the employee’s age bias claim. Let’s talk about how to get it right.
Implementing an Internal Employee Mentoring Program
Companies contemplating the implementation of an internal employee mentoring program should consider the benefits. Such an initiative matches selected employees with a colleague serving as their mentor to provide support, encouragement and personal and career growth. The effort is popular for new employees but is also appropriate for veterans wanting to gain long term personal development, advice about their future, networking and good connections.