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How to Say, “I’m Sorry” And Make It Stick

Each day seems to bring a fresh story of PR missteps in the news. Pepsi. Adidas. The White House. Don’t forget the poster child of poor apologies, United. This is nothing new. Organizations can and will make mistakes.
For A Genuine Apology, Go Back to The Basics
When did you first learn how to apologize? Let’s imagine a typical form of apology training. As a child, you got angry at a kid who stole chocolate pudding from your lunchbox. You fought him on the playground to exact revenge. You and the pudding thief ended up in the principal’s office.
Personnel Files Must Tell the Complete Story: 5 ways to ensure your employee files tell the complete story
Incomplete documentation in personnel files is a lot like missing pages in a novel. Another manager may be able to piece the story together, but critical information would be missing. Piecing together information is dangerous because it could lead to assumptions, inaccuracies and worse, potential litigation due to errors. Use the steps discussed in this article to ensure your personnel files tell the whole story.
Three Causes of Botched Corporate Apologies
They say you only get one shot at making a good first impression. That’s true for corporate apologies, too. When a company is forced to apologize multiple times for the same incident, it’s already blown it.